asmiera bloggy: aku dapat rahmat melalui mimpi !

aku dapat rahmat melalui mimpi !

rahmat apa? actually, last night i dream about her. i asked her, "do you still with him?" . she answered, "yes" . "how long?" i asked. and she answered, "for three years." then suddently, she asked me, "why you cant pass him to me?". i was shock! i did not answer her question. 
and i was thinking again, i could not pass him? why i dont want him to be with her? she is good enough for him. she is goergous, also kind. perfect enough for him.
okay. now i dont want to fight with her anymore. am i fight with her all this time? no. i just hate her. hahha.. but after got the dream, i will not going to hate her anymore. "you are kind, i dont want to hate you anyway". i hope you will be forever with him. please take care of him. i will never take him from you. promise.

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